Champ’s Pub, Brighton

I saw the sign on the Champ’s Pub in Brighton that said “Voted Best Burger for 23 Years”. So I knew what I needed to do – order the nachos.

I also read that Champ’s (not Champps) had been voted the “Best Neighborhood Bar” as well, so it was a real honor to visit such a highly decorated establishment. When I walked in, it looked how I imagined it, like a “bar bar”. Nothing fancy, but lots of TVs and your typical bar food. That’s what I was looking for. But watch out for the bathroooms. You know the saying that three’s a crowd? Well, in their bathroom, one’s a crowd. I think the pub is a “BYOT” establishment – bring your own toilet.

Champ's Pub, Brighton

Champ’s Pub, Brighton

When the nachos came out, I was skeptical. They looked like the below-average nachos you usually see in bars. The queso dip instead of cheese did nothing to increase my confidence. But they turned out to be not too bad. The queso dip tasted better than it looked with a little bit of kick to it. The chips were crispy and salty, what chips should be. Onion, lettuce, and tomatoes rounded out the healthy part of the nachos. Itty bitty sour cream and salsa were included.

Champs Pub nachos

Champs Pub nachos

My major criticism is that the ground beef was lacking something – taste. It was just ground beef thrown in a pan, then thrown on the nachos. No spices at all. For $3 extra, I expected a little more than plainly cooked cow. Other than that, though, I enjoyed the meal.

Should I return, I would try a burger. After all, being voted as having the best burger for 23 years in a row is quite a feat, especially with a Red Robin just down the street. Despite my beef with the beef, it was a pretty good meal. I haven’t been to all the bar’s in Brighton, but it was a good one.


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