Small Town Grill, Pellston

When you think of Pellston, you are probably like me and think “dining mecca”. So as we rode into town after some brutal hills on our final day of the DALMAC bike ride from East Lansing to Mackinaw City, I was happy to have arrived without too much discomfort. And I was even happier because  it  was lunchtime, my second  favorite time  of  the  day, next to  beer time.

Small Town Grill, Pellston

Small Town Grill, Pellston

On this particular Sunday, the Grill was packed with fellow DALMACers, but one of our intrepid team of four managed to secure a window seat with a view of scenic US 31. The little place was warm, but what could you expect with the grill being only  feet away from our table. So what I’m saying is that it was small. Think of it as a chef’s table, only cheaper.

'Tis a diner

‘Tis a diner

We were kind to the chef and all ordered the grilled shaved turkey sandwich, served on grilled sourdough and with a side of fries. It was an excellent sandwich, large enough to satisfy cyclists after over three hours on the road. We still talk about that sandwich, which is now imortalized on Michigan Foodies. The fries were a perfect on the crispiness scale, not the least bit overdone.

That's good turkey

That’s good turkey

If I return to Pellston for lunch – and I will punish myself and do the DALMAC again – I will almost definitely return to the Small Town Diner again because a) there are not many other places to eat and b) it was a good stopping place. The service was friendly and fast, and though  the restaurant was getting hammered with people, our lunch still arrived pretty quickly. And four out of four cyclists agreed – it was a good meal.


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