Harry’s Place, Lansing

I was saying to myself, “I really want to go to a bar with a view of a demolished GM plant.” Because I often talk to myself, but usually to say “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dog gone it, you could be a below-average senator from Minnesota.”

The Fischer Body plant stood not far from where I work in downtown Lansing. My uncle used to work there, but the plant was torn down about five years ago. I wondered what happened to the businesses that catered to the factory workers, and while jogging through the neighborhood, I noticed Harry’s Place. So it was time to check out this local bar and get my burning question answered.

Harry's Place, Lansing

Harry’s Place, Lansing

As you would expect, Harry’s Place was a no-frills establishment, which was its appeal. It was scarcely populate when I stopped by, but I go to lunch early. And I did indeed have a view of the pile of rubble that was Fischer Body on North Verlinden. My view was only obscured by people taking frequent trips to the Keno machine next to my booth.

I was thinking burger when I first sat down, but when I saw “fried bologna sandwich” on the menu, my focus shifted. I make fried bologna sandwiches, but the only other restaurant I had see it on the menu was Toby’s Keith’s in Auburn Hills. Thus, it was bologna time.

The thick-cut bologna was served on grilled Texas Toast, and it was very good. The bologna was slightly charred and tasted as good as processed meat can taste. Just a little bit of mustard made it a great lunch. Seriously, if you are anything like me and considered cooked bologna sandwiches a childhood staple, then head to Harry’s.

Balogna sandwhich!

Balogna sandwhich!

As you can see, Harry’s Place was very generous with the fries. While good, keeping them in the fryer about 30 seconds would have improved them – many of the fries tasted like mashed potatoes in fry form. I didn’t complain, and I did eat them all, so they weren’t that bad.

It’s probably not on your normal path of restaurants, but give it a try. Harry’s Place also has nachos, so I will be back – it’s just a bike ride away from my office.


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