The Mayfair, Haslett

I can’t remember the last time I heard a typical drunk. You know, loud voice, slurred speech. But they must have been having a drunk convention the night I was at The Mayfair. Or maybe it was just a typical Monday night.

Outside, the sign hanging above the door advertised “Big TVs”. That was true, they did have big TVs. Inside, the menu claimed to have the best burger in town. That may be true – it was certainly in contention. And it depends on your definition of “town”. If by town you mean Haslett, then yes, I would agree. If you mean Lansing, I would put it way up on the list and include them in the best burger discussion. 

I tried the olive burger, which was cooked medium well. There was no pink in the middle, but it was still very juicy and not tough. The beef was great and the olive sauce was excellent. It had some kind of spice in there. Maybe it was garlic powder, but my wife didn’t complain about it when I came home, so maybe not. The burger was served with crinkle fries (an extra $1.50). For another dollar, I could have upgraded to “fancy fries”. I don’t know what those were, but I doubt anything in The Mayfair was too fancy. 

Mayfair olive burger

Mayfair olive burger

I had three different waitresses. One to ask if I wanted anything to drink, one to bring me my drink, and a third to handle all the food-related tasks. They didn’t swing by too often, so I would advise that unless you were sitting at the bar, order a big beer, just to be safe.

So I was very pleased with my Mayfair burger, and if you looking for a “bar bar” with beer and beef, it’s the place to be.


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