Champps, Lansing

I’ve been searching for a replacement for Damon’s since it’s location at Lake Lansing and US 127 in Lansing closed years ago. The beauty of the appetizer platter and four huge TVs drew me every week to booth 109 (my favorite booth number – yes, I went enough that I had a favorite booth.) It’s replacement, the Hall of Fame Café is good, but not exactly what I was looking for. 

Since I wanted a big TV, Champps has become the de facto replacement. Yes, Reno’s West has a larger TV – incredibly large, as a matter of fact – but it’s on the other side of town from where I live. And Champps has burgers on special Monday nights for Monday Night Football season. Oh, am I a fan of dead cow pieces between bread.  Last year, all burgers were half off. This year, their special has changed to be a cheeseburger with fries and five chicken wings for $9.99. Which is still a good deal, though I preferred the flexibility of last year’s burger bonanza. But at least with this year’s special, two kinds of animals are dying for my dinner.

Champps Cheeseburger

Champps Cheeseburger

So how was the burger? It was good.  I think I wasn’t in love because I like my burgers to be more interesting, with bacon, or olives, or bananas – something that is going to make it stand out. Basically, I prefer a complexity in my burgers that I don’t like in my life. Not to disparage it – I will be having the cheeseburger special again.  I loved the waffle fries, my favorite fries in the Lansing area. The wings were also good, though I’m not a fan of wings (except the Red Wings), probably because I have issues getting my fingers messy, something that goes back to childhood. Anyways, I went for the medium spiciness because I wasn’t in the mood to hurt myself.

I will be back to Champps. I’m not sure if it will be an every-week place, but with their new MVP rewards program, it will be the place I go most for my football-watching needs.


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