The practically bawking chicken nachos of Frank’s Press Box, Lansing

Nacho fail.

Not a complete fail, but I’ll get to that. And no pictures. I took one, but it was too dark to be useful.

Frank’s Press Box is a decent place to watch a game. No, better than decent – it has TVs almost everywhere (come on, can’t you get them in the bathroom, too?), and the main room is a virtual temple to televisions. I was there for a viewing of Monday Night Football, and no matter which direction I sat, I could see the game. So Frank’s get high marks for TV viewability. (No, that’s not a real word.)

Being Monday night, nachos were on special, both chicken and beef. So I decided to go out on a limb and try the chicken. (Did you appreciate my use of an idiom? I hope so.)

Now, before I criticize, the nachos weren’t bad. There were a lot of chicken chunks roosting among the chips, and there was a torrent of tomatoes atop the large stack. There was a lot of cheese, the refried beans were OK, and the chips didn’t taste bad. They came with salsa and sour cream. So far, so good.

Except they weren’t cooked all the way. Getting past the first layer of chips, I found cold (but pre-cooked) chicken and completely unmelted (also not a real word) shredded cheese. Cold nachos are never good even as leftover, but having them uncooked in the first place is super duper not good. So an extra five minutes in the oven would have been great, even at the risk of few singed chips. After all, you can dip burned chips in salsa.

This is the second time I’ve tried nachos at Frank’s. The first were beef, and though those nachos were actually heated that time, they weren’t that good. I’m willing to give the “American Nachos” a try, even though they’re not real nachos – waffle fries with junk atop it. But if I get a third nacho fail, I’m forever swearing off Mexican food at Frank’s.


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