The nachos of Cheddar’s

I have fond memories of Cheddar’s in Lansing from my teenagehood. Most of them involved the Cookie Monster, but for some reason, the gigantic fans that rotated above the dining area stuck out. I didn’t get there often – I lived on the other side of town – but it was a treat to go. But then it burned down. But then it got rebuilt, fans, Cookie Monsters and all.

For this occasion, I was there for a family lunch. We had excellent service, complete with a picture-taking waitress and a hostess that was very nice when I had to drive back across down to get my wife’s phone. But at least I got to see a last minute touchdown during the Lions game, one that they scored, not the other team.

So the burning question is: What did you have?

Answer: Nachos.

So how did you do on the quiz?

Cheddars' Nachos

Cheddars’ Nachos

The chips had circled the wagons, protecting theā€¦ lettuce? Really? Lettuce doesn’t need protecting, but the salsa and sour cream do, so good call by the Cheddar’s nacho designers of keeping the dips safe from whatever is trying to get them before they arrived at my table. Who knows what dangers lurk in the bowels of Cheddars, ready to pounce on unsuspecting condiments?

The Cheddar’s nachos are different than most places, who just pile them up and throw stuff on them. Not that there is anything wrong with that – I do it myself when it’s nacho night at my house. But Cheddar’s lines up the chips in a circle, then puts the beef, cheese, and beans right on each chip. What tenderness! They should win a nacho social work award for their careful consideration.

And they tasted good, too, because that is the most important thing. After all, beauty is only chip deep, and it’s what’s inside my stomach that counts. They had a little spice to them, and the cook who put them together was generous with the cheese. Well done, and worth having again.

Do not be afraid of the Cheddar’s nachos, citizens of Lansing. They are tasty. And though there doesn’t appear to be a lot of chips there, they were more than enough to fill me up. So do your nacho thing.