Shark Club, Howell

I almost missed the Shark Club because it looked nothing like a shark. Who knew? And just as it looked nothing like a shark, it barely resembled a restaurant – I thought it was some kind of big blue store as I was passing by it. But luckily, the owners thought to put a sign announcing that it was, indeed, the Shark Club. Very helpful.

Though I was there for lunch, it would have been a great place to watch a game. There were TVs almost everywhere.  I picked a seat by the window and there was still a TV right in front of me. Crazy. And pinball fans would love it – there were a scazillion machines to choose from.

Onto the food. Guess what? I had nachos. Yes, this seems to be a pattern with me, and I didn’t want to disappoint those who sit up nights wondering if I had nachos for dinner. I hope my admission puts your mind to rest.

Nachos at the Shark Club

Nachos at the Shark Club

Right out of the kitchen, they looked interesting. Normally, the chips are stacked horizontally for optimal surface coverage. These were all askew with the good junk on top to go wherever it was going to. Interesting. And the portion sizing was good – I didn’t leave hungry.

Because cows are evil and must be destroyed, I had the beef nachos. The meat was spicy in the good and tasty way, and there was the added bite bonus of white onions, big chunks of them. I limited my intake of the latter because I didn’t want my wife to suffer the consequences. There were no complaints later, so I must have chose correctly. I even enjoyed the queso, which I don’t normally like that much, so “good on you” for that. (A little New Zealand lingo.)

Only one itty bitty thing marred by enjoyment: The Coke sucked. Maybe it was their way of telling me that I should have had a beer, or maybe they needed to adjust the carbonation levels in their pop. (I’m in the Midwest, and we say pop here, not soda.)

I was happy with my visit to the Shark Club, and would hang out there more often if it wasn’t 40 minutes from home. They delivered just the right amount of good-tasting nachos for me, but be advised that heavier appetites will probably need a beer or two to go with their nachos to fill up.


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