TAP, MGM Grand, Detroit

After a Windows 8 developer event at the Renaissance Center in beautiful, friendly, and 100% safe downtown Detroit, I drove to the MGM Grand on Third for a little good natured fun at the video poker machines. After bankrupting the casino with my $1 win (yes, I came out ahead – take that!) I obeyed all the ads I saw throughout the casino and mosied on over to TAP, a new sports bar with a beautiful view of old ladies playing slot machines.

The interior of TAP in the MGM Grand, Detroit.

The interior of TAP in the MGM Grand, Detroit.

Small break from sarcasm: If you have not seen in, the interior of the MGM Grand is beautiful. I walked in and thoguht I was in Vegas, not Detroit. The décor was amazing, with trendy bars all over the place, and people were smoking like crazy. I love casinos, and now I want to fly to Vegas.

Back to the sports bar. TAP was a slick place to eat. There were a plethora of huge TVs and an appetizing menu . Before I say what I had, care to guess?……… Nachos! You probably guessed that if you have read a few of my previous posts.  But not just any nachos. These were the “Detroit House Nachos”, not to be confused with the “BBQ Beef Nachos”.

The chips were excellent, salty and crispy and worthy of praise. But, the ones near the bottom were limp and soggy from the destructive power of beans and queso, so have that fork and/or straw handy as you near the end of your adventures in nachos. Speaking of, the cheese sauce (because that is what queso is) was the cheesiest, and though I prefer normal melted cheese, I couldn’t complain. I can complain, though, on the fact that there was no salsa. What? Nachos without salsa? Who thought that was a good idea?

Nachos at TAP

Nachos at TAP

The beef (because I’m at war with cows – it’s them or us) had some kick, and I was happy with both the taste and quantity. And to kick things up ever further, there were plenty of jalapenos lurking about. Good stuff there, people. I devoured my nachos as I listened to an IT guy (of which I am one) give tips on the IT industry to a waitress. Fascinating – some people talk just to talk regardless of the interest (or lack thereof) from others.

OK, the bad side – the Coke. Not the taste, like I mentioned at Shark Club. No, this time it’s the price. $3.50 for a Coke. Yes, $3.50 – I wrote it twice so you wouldn’t think it was a typo. When I saw the price on my bill, I actually cursed out loud. (Not a really bad curse, just a minor one.) Shame on me – I went with a pop to avoid the slightly inflated beer prices and they got me anyways.

I give a thumbs up to TAP, and would definitely go there again. I’ve go my eye on the BBQ Beef Nachos, so when I next visit the MGM Grand, I hope to double my winnings and try new nachos. What a night that will be.


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