Kicker’s, Flint

I made the trip northeast to Flint on a Monday night to buy a new couch. Hey, who doesn’t? It was my second trip in a week, and I had left Flint unharmed the first time, I decided to get cocky and explore the city. And that was when I found Kicker’s, a “bar bar” on the south side of town. It had a large patio which I bypassed, being November, and took a seat at the bar. There were four large TVs right in front of me, and they were all tuned to Monday Night Football. That is how a sports bar should do it.

Kickers Nachos

Kickers Nachos

My first impression was that they should have cooked them longer – look at all that unmelted cheese. (My spellchecker doesn’t like “unmelted”, but it will just have to deal with it.) C’mon man – turn up the heat on that oven. But impression #2 was that there were a lot of chips, and that I was not going to leave hungry. And that was the half-order! So kudos to Kicker’s on their portions.

Also on the good side was their generosity with the salsa and sour cream. And the Coke – wow, it was served in a tankard. I drank three, and I’m surprised all that caffeine didn’t go to my head. Didn’t want to get a Driving Will Caffeinated ticket.

Onto the taste. The beef was decent, the chips were OK, and the queso was alright. And after all that, I really enjoyed them. It turned out that the sum of the parts was greater then the individual parts. Everything just clicked together, and they were a solid set of bar nachos. Still, a little more heat applied to the meat (and everything else) would have been ideal.

My greatest disappointment with Kicker’s was that I bought a Powerball ticket and I didn’t win. I’m thinking of suing for mental distress – I really had my heart set on winning $500 million. It was a tough blow to take.

Kickers in Flint

Kickers in beautiful Flint, MI.

So, good job on the nachos Kicker’s – I don’t want to hear snickers – about the good taste of my meal. And the half-order and Coke, both were no joke, it was quite the good deal. (Man, that was some awesome Dr. Seuss-style talk right there.)


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