Cherie Inn, Grand Rapids

After a night at the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids, we made the five minute drive to that magical spot where Lake Drive and Cherry Street meet. Yes, I rhymed two words there, and it sounded great. And yes (part 2), Cherie Inn is on Cherry Street. Coincidence? I think not. The web site that the restaurant is located “just west of Eastown”. Well, don’t the west and east cancel each other out, putting it in “town”? I know, I ask the hard, relevant questions.

Cherie Inn

Cherie Inn

It was a Sunday morning and we hunkered down for a 30-minute wait. My suggestion is to bring reading material – it made our wait go faster.  Or you can shop in the gallery to see how to spend a few bucks, or a few hundred, depending on your bankroll. Or you could talk to the dozen other people waiting for a table – knock yourself out.

When we were at our table perusing the menu, several items sounded good, but I decided to go with one of the three specials, the Cuban pork thingymajigger. Pork and potatoes were grilled and topped with cheese and an egg. Muy excelante, amigos. Everything was just right, It was small, and had there not been pieces of thick wheat toast served along with it, I wouldn’t have gotten filled up. But there was, so I wasn’t, and it was a happy ending.

Cherie Inn Cuban goodness

Cherie Inn Cuban goodness

As an aside, I don’t know much about restaurants in France. Do they have Mexican omelets? No idea, but Cherie Inn does. I know Paris has Filet O’Fish , but I’m unclear on their view of Mexican cuisine. There were so many great looking items, though, that this is a breakfast spot to return to many times.


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