Joe’s Gizzard City, Potterville

Southwest of Lansing is a town known for deep-fried chicken innards. Yes, not surprisingly, Joe’s Gizzard City does sell gizzards. I made the half-hour trip from my east side estate (I have a yard, so I’m calling it an estate) to enjoy all that Potterville had to offer. So can you guess what I had? That’s right, nachos.

Gizzard City is a bar bar. Old diner furniture, walls covered with knick knacks – it is a locals place. Though I wasn’t local, I wasn’t run out of the establishment, which I appreciated. I was there on a slow night, and employees outnumbered customers for most of the time I was at my spot at the bar.

Gizzard City nachos

Gizzard City nachos

The nachos looked small, but there was lots of good stuff under the foliage, a solid showing of meat and cheese. The meat tasted good even though it didn’t seem seasoned. Maybe they fed their cows deep-fried gizzards. All together, it was a tasty set of bar nachos. Nothing fancy, but a good performance. And if you are looking for nachos in Potterville, let’s be honest – your choices are limited.

And who can resist drinking Blue Moon out of a jar? Not me, that’s who.

Next time, the Guy Fieri-inspired deep-fried hamburger (you know you want one) with an appetizer of deep-fried olives. And for dessert, a trip to the cardiologist.


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