Tavern on the Square, Lansing

What’s with the Square part of Tavern on the Square? In Lansing, the answer to that question is that it is on Washington Square. In Grand Rapids, it’s on Ionia Avenue – no square there. But I went to the Lansing location, so it doesn’t really matter – I just like to ask questions like that.

The menu isn’t large. I wasn’t feeling it until I saw the entry for the daily burger special. Curiosity being what it is, I went for that day’s creation, the teriyaki burger. Topped with spinach, ginger, and teriyaki sauce, it sounded bizarre, and I wasn’t sure how that lunch was going to turn out. But variety is the spice of life, or so I’ve heard, so I went for it.

Tavern on the Square

The teriyaki burger at Tavern on the Square

The burger was amazingly good. The teriyaki sauce with the beef was perfect. The ginger added a little gingeriness that every teriyaki burger needs. It was cooked perfectly, and I haven’t come down with Mad Cow Disease yet, so that is a plus. Though I was full by the end of the meal, I could have eaten another just because of the greatness that was the burger. Add on some excellent fries  and it was a mighty good lunch, partner. Yes, they do have $2.50 Coke, but we have to face the reality of restaurants overpricing sugared water. I’ve already started switching to water when I eat out.

I can’t speak to anything else on the menu, as I don’t eat there often, but the teriyaki burger should be a regular. You hear me Tavern-people? Put it on the menu because it rocked.


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