Blue Gill Grill, Haslett

Monday night is a special night at Blue Gill Grill. It is $1 off schooners (that’s good), and it’s $1 taco nights (that’s good, too). Yes, cheap beer and Mexican food – oh, those are great words.

I must start with the beer because it was outstandingly outstanding. In other words, I liked it. I had never heard of Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, but when you have snowdrift, vanilla, and porter in the same sentence – well, good things are bound to happen. And they did. It was a smooth, rich, tasty, beautiful beer, one which definitely did taste like vanilla. Try it, drink it, love it.

Now, back to the tacos. I’m not going to complain about food that costs a buck, except the deep-fried Twinkies at Mermaids in Las Vegas. Those were incredibly nasty, but since Twinkies are extinct, it is irrelevant.

Where was I? Yes, tacos.

They are not El Oasis quality. (El Oasis is a food truck that wanders around Lansing in an orange and white trailer and sells amazingly good Mexican food even if it looks like they belong in a circus.) But, for $1 – I had five (soft shell) – you could do a lot worse. Even though the tortilla was flabby and pasty, even pastier than me after a long winter, I’d have them again, as they were decent, and I didn’t suffer any serious after-taco experiences, if you catch my drift. And they were a dollar – did I mention that.

Haslett – live the dream, eat cheap Mexican food.


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