Beggar’s Banquet, East Lansing

Half-price wine night was the draw. Yes, Wednesdays are specials days at Beggar’s Banquet. The draw of cheap(er) booze is like a bug zapper to a bug, just with your chances of being electrocuted substantially less.

I decided on the teriyaki tilapia, which wasn’t a bad choice, even though it looked like it was. It was an ugly looking fish, and if I ever find that picture, you can see for yourself. But in the end, it’s how it tastes, now how it looks, and it tasted good. It was heavy on the teriyaki, so take that for what it’s worth. For me, that’s worth a lot. The vegetables were another matter. I think they were nuked, or they were boiled within an inch of their life… and then were kept on being boiled.

For dessert, I tried the very nice looking chocolate mousse cake. Unlike the fish, this one looked better than it tasted. Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t $8 good. The cake part was dry and everything else was alright, except the whipped cream was quite good. Maybe a whipped cream cake would be a good idea.

My favorite part of Beggar’s (besides half-price wine) is the service. I’ve never been disappointed with the amiability of the wait staff. (That means they’re friendly.) They’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re saving the world, one bottle of wine at a time.

The next time I return to Beggar’s, I’ll probably get the Mac & Cheese, Dave’s Way (with bacon!), if that’ s still available – in my opinion, the best Beggar’s has to offer.


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