Gracie’s Place, Williamston

Williamston is the place to go for nice restaurants around Lansing. For me, who lives on the east side of town, it’s an easy trip, but even if it were a hard trip (in snow, uphill, both ways), it would be worth it. Tonight’s target was Gracie’s Place, and to make the trip even better, there was a jazz band that night.

But bring out the food. I decided on the braised beef, or as the receipt read, “Scott Bloom Braised Beef”. I didn’t know they named cows, but the one I was eating shared my first name, which was a little disconcerting. (Yes, I know Scott Bloom is a farm.) But besides that, the beef was very tender – it fell apart when I used harsh language, so there was no need for a fork. The little potato grenades that guarded the meat were even better that their carefully-protected treasure. I would even choose them over McDonald’s French fries, if that tells you how good they were.

Gracie's Place

That Gracie has some nice beef.

Wednesday night was one of those beautiful times called “half-price wine night”. I didn’t know that going in, but now armed with that knowledge, I feel emboldened  to go to Williamston and drink more. We chose a bottle of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo that started slow but really came alive when the food arrived. If I had to describe it (and I don’t, but I’m in that kind of mood), I would say it was shy 15-year old going to their first dance, but then just busting out when the DJ plays “Party Rockin’. Or, as my daughter calls it, “Potty Rockets”.

The mousse cake was not large, but it was rich. If you didn’t get enough dinner, then the portion should be just right. If you’re stuffed but have no self-control when it comes to chocolate, then there is enough to share. If you’re into that sort of thing.


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