Fish tacos at The Roadhouse, Beulah

It was a semi-dark and snowy night in northern Michigan when we pulled into town.  Past the McDonald’s, we rolled into the heart of Beulah to the town’s best restaurant, The Roadhouse. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Where’s Beulah? It’s north of wherever you are, that’s where.

I’m going to start somewhere unusual with a bold bean statement: The re-fried beans were the best I’ve ever had. Oh yes I did. Usually, they are an extra on the plate that I eat as an afterthought, if I have enough room. But these beans actually tasted good. I was actually disappointed when they were gone – I wanted more. So a big bean bravo to The Roadhouse.

Fish Tacos at The Roadhouse

Fish Tacos at The Roadhouse

But you are not going to eat anywhere just for the re-fried beans, so let’s get to the main event. The fish tacos are a Friday night special, drawing people from blocks and blocks. Or, in my case, 150 miles. They’re so special, in fact, you can only get them on Fridays, so plan ahead. The fish was fall-apart light and had a nice flavor. Hold on tight because those tortillas fall apart  – that pico soaks in pretty well.  I had three, and it was just right for me. Your mileage may very.

I am also a fan of the frozen margaritas there. They do not skimp on the tequila, which is my favorite ingredient in a margarita. Save room because they are worth it. They are especially useful after a long drive with a child. I’ve heard.

I’ve been to The Roadhouse in all seasons, and though summer is best – they have a nice patio, complete with outside bar – any season will do for some excellent Mexican food. It’s a tough decision on what to eat, but both the fish tacos and the nachos are excellent.


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