The English Inn, Eaton Rapids

There aren’t many fine dining options around Lansing, and unfortunately The English Inn in Eaton Rapids is often forgotten because of it’s location away from the bustling center of culture that is the capital city. But thanks to Groupon, we were reminded of this wonderful place on M100.

What is now “The English Inn” was originally built for an executive of Oldsmobile, which you can read about on the website. I’m here to give a food review, so let’s get to it…. after a brief commentary on society. For those of who are a little clueless on manners, if you watch loud videos on your phone in a nice, classy, quiet restaurant, you should probably be eating at a sports bar, or maybe just stay at home and eat your Hungry Man dinners in the privacy of your own frat house. Losers.

The English Inn

The English Inn

Where was I? Yes, food. The croissants which were served first were soft and tasty and tasted like croissants. Go figure. The star of my show was the bacon-wrapped trout. It smelled fishy, but tasted excellent. Very flaky, very tender, just about perfect. I was wondering, however, how they tricked the trout to swim into the bacon trap they set. Curious, but whoever it was that thought of that genius idea, hats off. Because bacon makes everything better, including trout.

Bacon-wrapped trout

Bacon-wrapped trout

For dessert, I had the cheesecake, which was delicious. It was small, but for cheesecake, it was the right size. The Groupon included a salad, entrée, and dessert, so I got to have my own, non-chocolate dish. I love chocolate as much as the next guy, but I’m a fan of cheesecake, and when I split dessert with Andrea, non-chocolate is not allowed.



Don’t wait for a Groupon to head south of the city. Eaton Rapids is the place you need to be for a nice dining experience.  And with warm weather returning shortly, it’s a perfect time for stroll in the gardens behind the inn.


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