Nachos at Beggar’s Banquet, East Lansing

Beggar’s Banquet has impressed me my past few visits. An excellent Dave’s Way mac & cheese was my previous meal, and this time, the nachos drew me in. I know… Beggar’s for nachos? But they were on the menu, so I had to try them. It’s the law.

Nachos at Beggar's

Nachos at Beggar’s

First off, they were chorizo nachos, not your ordinary chicken or beef, so points for that. And second off, they were outstanding. The chorizo was applied generously because no one likes a chorizo skimper. A little bit spicy, a lot bit tasty. Face it, you need more chorizo in your life.

Also not commonly seen on nachos were black beans and corn. I know – odd, but they worked. I didn’t feel like I was in Michigan anymore, but somewhere south, somewhere exotic. Like Indiana or something. Throw on the regular players of tomatoes and lettuce and you have your recommended daily allowance of vegetables. But I don’t follow that voodoo, anyways. Any list that doesn’t include a daily beer or wine is really a list made by hacks.

Rounding out the nacho ingredients, I’ll also mentioned that the salsa was excellent (there was some chipotle or armadillo or something in there that really flavored-up the salsa), and the chips were worth a mention as well. They were tough, fending off the aggressive assault by the assorted vegetables and staying crispy. I was skeptical of the nachos ability to fill me up, appearing on the small side, but they did their job. I’m sure the two beers I had helped, too.

So what is the final verdict? In the words of Dora the Explorer, “fantastico”. They are definitely top-rate nachos and worthy to be on my “Best of Lansing-ish” nachos.


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