Nachos at Coach’s Pub and Grill, Lansing

What’s a guy to do? Every year, I try to eat at 25 (or more) new restaurants. Last year I hit 30, which means for a small city like Lansing, I have to keep heading farther out to make my goal. This time, I headed to the prime real estate area of south Lansing, not far from where the ritzy town of Holt begins. I’m moving on up to the south side. My target for this visit: Nachos. The place: Coach’s Pub and Grill.

And what a nice looking set of nachos they were. They’re practically symmetrical, and they sure look like they were made with love, even though they weren’t. And the dual towers of condiments defended the nachos like guard towers. The Mt. Dew flowed freely and my lunch hour was looking good.

Nachos at Coach's

Nachos at Coach’s

Did their taste match their artistry of design? No. The problem was the beans. And the chips. They were firmly in the “blah” range. The cheese attained the lofty height of average. But the tomatoes and lettuce were fine, so they weren’t all bad. And the sour cream didn’t suck.  I would speak more about the chicken, but there really wasn’t enough to talk about. Fifty cents doesn’t get you much these days, though it will get you fifty rides on Sandy, the mechanical horse at Meijer.

As for the building, don’t be deceived by appearances. The building looked dumpy on the outside, but was quite nice on the inside. There was hardly a vertical surface not covered by a TV or dart board and it looked like a great place to watch a game. In fact, I may do that – the chicken strips looked very good, so those will most likely be my next victim. Remember, chickens are trying to take over the word – it’s them or us, so make sure it’s them.


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