The Olive Burger at the B & I Bar, Lansing

What comes to mind when I say “B&I Bar”? Probably nothing, since in all likelihood, you haven’t heard of it.  It’s out of the way for most people, not far from Woldumar Nature Center on Old Lansing Road. And let’s face it, the place isn’t much to look at:

B & I Bar, Lansing

B & I Bar, Lansing

The interior is typical dive bar, with plenty of beer-related paraphernalia hanging from the walls. And of course, there are various lottery devises for which to sink your money into. It’s dark in there too – there aren’t any windows, and natural light only briefly intruded when someone entered, which wasn’t often during my lunchtime visit.

The menu was simple, but I knew that I wanted the olive burger before I even got there. It’s Michigan – chances are a little bar will have an olive burger. I had it with fries and a gigantic Coke. A note regarding the latter: There are no refills, so don’t suck down that pop too fast. That said, the size of the mug was enormous, so you will probably do OK. Unlike me. Remember, it’s all about pacing.

The burger was bigger than I expected. My experience with dive-bar burgers leads me to think they are going to be thin patties, but the B&I olive burger bravely ventured into the realm of a medium-sized patty. It could have used more olives in olive sauce, but it tasted alright. And there were lots of crispy fries, but not over done, so thumbs up to those. And I can’t leave out the pickle – what a great tasting sour cucumber that was.

Olive burger!

Olive burger!

All in all, not a bad experience. It’s not your usual lunch spot, which is what I liked about it. If you’re in downtown Lansing, it’s less than a 10-minute drive down the freeway, under the railroad bridge, and by the cemetery – no problem. And if you’re trying to escape the prying eyes of anyone you may know, it’s the place to be.


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