Chicago-style hot dog at George’s, Chicago

In the Bucktown area of Chicago, at Damen and Cortland, is George’s. My experience with George’s came included with the Chicago Beer Experience, a wonderful, magical tour involving beer, rowdy Canadians, tales of crossing-dressing bar owners, goats, and more beer. But I digress.

I didn’t actually step inside the restaurant. Our tour guide, Bruce, ducked in to grab the hot dog awesomeness before serving us our tubular beef feast (that sounds dirty, doesn’t it?) at Lemming’s, a (very) nearby pub.

Chicago-style hot dog at George's

Chicago-style hot dog at George’s

Oh, what a hot dog. First, it was a Chicago-style dog, which meant it was a meal. I mean, onions, a pickle, tomatoes… and other stuff. I lost track. But what I didn’t lose track of was just how good it was. It was so good that I made the mistake of savoring the dog when I should have just enjoyed. The difference being that savoring took too long and the dog fell apart, so enjoying is much faster, and less messy. In either case, it was a great meal.

If you’re in the Wicker Park / Bucktown area and in the mood for some wonderful beef (that sounds dirty, too), George’s is the place to go.


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