Brick’s, Northville

After a long day of cycling, who doesn’t want sliced meat? Exactly – nobody. And since I was in Northville, an hour from my house near Lansing, I didn’t want to drive all the way home to get a good French dip at Leo’s. And I could have found an Arby’s, but it was a special day – I wasn’t working – so I decided to splurge a bit. There were several good-looking choices on Main Street, but I went with Brick’s.

Brick's, Northville

Brick’s, Northville

I like French dips. Yes, ’tis true. So since it is true that everybody loves sliced meat after bike rides (and I never, ever overgeneralize), a French dip is what I ordered. The sandwich didn’t exactly fly out of the kitchen. I considered going back there to help, or to ask for a restaurant recommendation where I could get an appetizer while I was waiting for my lunch. But I had plenty of time to read my Kindle, and eventually the food did come, or else this post would be a lot shorter, and even more sarcastic.

French dip at Brick's

French dip at Brick’s

Sure looks good. Taste-wise, it was a little ho-hum. But it definitely improved when dipped in the au jus. It’s like most of the flavor had seeped into the juice, and the sandwich was only complete when dipped. So I’m glad I didn’t just order the French, and got the dip as well. It wasn’t a large sandwich, but it was fine for me. And the fries were a hit, with a soft interior and a slightly crispy exterior.

I would return to Brick’s, even though they were slow (it could have been the regular cook’s day off, or there could have been angry gecko’s running around the kitchen). Had it been warmer, the patio would have been a great place to enjoy a burger and beer, or French dip and beer, or just beer.