Gull Landing, Pentwater

So imagine having a really good fish dinner. Now, take away the “good”. You just have fish, and that is the best I can say about the food at Gull Landing in Pentwater. I decided on the Mahi Mahi, the fish so nice they named it twice. And then they went and cooked the hell out of it – by the time they were done, it was down to just one Mahi. Perhaps the chefs had problems with their Mahi (x2) rising from the dead and wanted to be sure it stayed dead. If that was the case, mission accomplished.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

The garlic mashed potatoes were filling. And they were potatoes. After some salt, they were OK. Not as good as the fried asparagus, though, which was prepared nicely. It had been a cool spring / summer, so asparagus season was still hanging around, lucky for us. The breading was a little heavy, but it came off easily, and didn’t taste too bad.

Fried Asparagus

Fried Asparagus

I also had the misfortune of trying my wife’s perch, which was even worse than my Mahi Mahi. The breading was thick and unappealing, which differed from the perch, which was thin and unappealing. I’m savaging it because 1) it wasn’t any good and 2) we were at Bortell’s the night before and had some excellent perch.

Time for a kindler, gentler review (you’re welcome, George H.W. Bush). The deck of Gull Landing was a great place for drinks. My Oberron was reasonably priced, as was my wife’s wine. The deck had a nice view of Lake Pentwater and the Sunday night jazz was entertaining. So I give it high marks for atmosphere.

Gull Landing, Pentwater

Gull Landing, Pentwater

To do it differently, I would, first off, not have gone there. But ignoring that first piece of advice, I would have had the Reuben – the people at the next table over had it, and it looked excellent. I also her positive reviews about the burger. if you learn of a decent dish, or are there for drinks, then it’s a nice spot to enjoy a pleasant evening. But avoid the fish.


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