From Zoobies to The Cosmos… and beyond!

For my 200th post, I wanted to review a place I enjoy going to. Sure, I like writing snarky post as much as the next guy, but what I like much more is having a great meal.

I’ve been a fan of Zoobies since my wife’s volleyball team starting going there to drown their post-game sorrows. I soon learned they have the best popcorn in Lansing (Zoobies, not the volleyball team). Salty and truffle oily is a beautiful combination – who knew? Amazingly good, and if you have an “I’m a beer hound” card, it’s free with the purchase of a beer. That deal alone sold me on the card and lured be to Zoobies more often – well played, both of you.

The beer selection isn’t large, but its excellent. I’ve found they usually have a Short’s Brewery and Brewery Vivant beer on tap, both favorite breweries of mine. But they also carry a rotating selection of beers from breweries that I’ve never heard of. If you can’t find a beer you like at Zoobies, then there is a liquor store down the street where you can get something more to your liking, like Mickey’s or Mad Dog. Just make sure your CPL is up to date – the worst thing about Zoobies is the neighborhood. Remember, serpentine.

For our last outing, Andrea and I tried the relatively new “The Cosmo”, which is attached to Zoobies. The Cosmos is where Papa Leo’s used to be until it was ransacked by Smurfs. Ironically, the building still produces pizza, though quite a bit different (and better) than your ordinary variety, for no chain (or semi-chain) pizza will you find there now. But you will find a 50s-style science fiction d├ęcor, which is a win.

We tried the Boursin cheese / sausage pizza, and it was fantastic, even fabulous. Generously covered with creamy cheese, and with sausage with a spicy heat that paired well with the Boursin. I could have eaten the whole thing by myself, but marital stability has its upsides, so I didn’t. Be warned that if spicy foods make you weep and roll on the floor calling for mommy, it is probably best to choose another pizza.

I’ve been to Zoobies a dozen times and haven’t had a bad experience yet. It could happen – Roseanne Barr could walk in and do a strip tease or something equally awful. But it does get busy on weekends, so get there early if you actually want to sit down. Unless it’s Roseanne Barr night, and then it’s empty.