The nachos of Logan’s Roadhouse

I don’t know if it was as self-fulfilling prophesy, but I wasn’t confident about my decision to order the nachos at Logan’s Roadhouse.

The best part of the meal were the rolls that were generously supplied to the table by people who ordered things other than nachos. Buttery and soft, a multitude of them were devoured – the rolls didn’t stand a chance. Excluding the rolls, the best part of the meal were the chips. They were crispy and I was gifted with the occasional chip that was dusted with a salty / spicy concoction that brought me happiness. And queso! They had queso sauce that covered them there chips, and that wasn’t a bad thing.

Though I didn’t take a picture, not wanting to be taunted by my coworkers, I instead drew this picture, which, if printed out, is suitable for framing.



It was the chili that didn’t perform well. Not terribly good on the taste buds, it also rendered soggy anything it touched. The thin chips just wouldn’t withstand the brutal assault, and withered under the chili attack. The jalapenos were a nice touch, and did help to bolster the flavor, but not enough to overcome the chili-lanche. And since the meat is the key ingredient for nachos, it brought everything down.

So you probably already knew this, but avoid the nachos as an entrée. Perhaps with a couple of friends and a couple of beers, they would make a decent appetizer, but not a main event.