Glazed and Confused, Lansing

Starting out positive, the “Trifecta” from Glazed and Confused was among the best looking doughnuts I have ever had. Chocolate was in full effects, and there were fancy-ish chocolate shavings on top. In fact, the doughnut’s surroundings looked great, too. The owners certainly gave the old Pita Pit on Washington Square a facelift. Here’s hoping for fewer health code violations than the PP had, too.

It was definitely chocolatey, and it wasn’t bad. The cake was moist and the frosting was good. The first bite was an “oh yeah, this is good” moment, but that was followed by the aftertaste. The bitterness of unsweetened baking chocolate followed, at least, that it what it tasted like to my non-baker self. And I really wanted to like it – chocolate / chocolate doughnuts are my favorite kind, which is why I went with the Trifecta. I was hoping for a souped-up version of the kind I get from Quality Dairy, and it almost got there. A little less of that bitter taste and I would have loved it.

Glazed and Confused is still on my list of places to return to. There were several doughnuts that looked amazing, and the next time I’m downtown in the morning, I’m going to try another. Will it be the glazed? The bacon-covered long john? Only time will tell.


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