Poutine, Lansing Brewing Company

It’s with pride I tell you I was one of the lucky 100 people that got a free appetizer card for being among the first patrons at Lansing Brewing Company in October. Yes, haters gonna hate, but I was there.  And I had held onto that precious card through several trips to the brewery, but it was time to let it go. After all, it was going to expire, so use it or lose it. I done used it.

Lansing Brewing Company

Lansing Brewing Company

There were a few tempting appetizer choices, but I decided on the poutine to be one with my Canadian brothers to the north. And east. And in some parts of Michigan, south and west. If you have not had poutine, then you are really missing out. Imagine fries, with a bunch of good stuff on top, and that is what it is. I hadn’t had any gravy-covered fries since a trip to South Detroit in Windsor for a Weird Al Yankovic concert last summer. Good times.

To be official, LBC’s dish was called “Great White North Poutine”, evoking memories of being in the woods fighting bears and wolves and Maple Leaf fans. These fries were covered with not just any gravy, but Amber Cream Ale gravy (i.e. beer gravy). But to keep the goodness coming, they added braised pork. Yes, that’s even better than just gravy, and it was deliciously delicious pork, tender and tasty.



But when you put cheese curds on it, you just upped the game. There were fries that were just covered with gooey cheese that were as awesome as they sound. But the piece de resistance was the egg on top. If that doesn’t sound good to you, I don’t want to know you. It was freaking sweet. It was a big bowl of messy runny fry goodness and if I didn’t want to try the nachos so badly, I’d get the poutine again. But you should get it, because you want it. Do it Canada.


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