Nick’s Hometown Bar & Grill, Durand

It was a dark and cold night in Durand. Our hero walked the streets and alleys, looking for a place of safety and warmth. And there were several, but our hero decided to trust his instincts  and try Durand’s #1 rated bar on Yelp, Nick’s.

Nick's Bar & Grill

Nick’s Bar & Grill

He saddled up to the bar on a comfortably padded stool. On the menu, no olive burger could be found, so despite his better judgement, he ordered the nachos. Bar nachos, especially small town bars, are a dangerously unpredictable dish to order, with ingredients as poor as Flint’s water.

His trepidation increased when our hero learned that they were chili nachos. The horror! A soupy beany meaty concoction whose sole purpose was to soak and weaken the poor, defenseless chips. How would this night end! When the bartender eventually returned to take his order from the distant wilds where she had run off to (a journey that took days), he, with hesitation, order the nachos.

The food came and our hero was bolstered a bit. They looked like a strong showing, thick with cheese and meaty chili and a good mix of vegetables. (No black olives, though – those poisonous bits of detritus come on the nachos by default, but our hero was ready for that and deflected them.) But what lurked underneath the rosy exterior?

Nick's Nachos

Nick’s Nachos

Pretty-goodness is what lurked. The ever-so-slightly spicy chili turned out to match really well with the salty, better than average out-of-a-bag bar tortilla chips. Most chips did succumb to the chili rampage, and our hero raised his glass to them, but enough survived to carry the meal forward. All in all, average nachos, but a stronger showing than our hero anticipated.

But there was something terrible afoot at Nick’s. They had only one tap, and it was… Bud Light! Our hero was not prepared for this setback, but he battled on. Surely, this weakness cannot stand forever, and someone at Nick’s will realize that people like to taste the beer they drink.

All in all, our hero left party satisfied. The nachos were filling and had a decent flavor. The draft beer selection was bitterly disappointing. Will our hero return? Not likely, but who knows what lies in the future.