Burgies, Alpena

When I ask where you would go to get a great burger, you would probably say “Alpena”. What was that? No, that is not the answer you would give? Well, let’s see if I can change your mind.

Dinner time had arrived after my hiking and biking extravaganza in northeast Michigan. I rolled into Alpena, exhausted and hungry for a bite or a dozen. I was glad I had mapped the location of Burgies beforehand, because it would be an easy place to miss. Small and non-descript one could easily drive past none the wiser. (It’s the block southwest of the Alpena county building, in case you’re keeping score at home.)



The reviews on Yelp had been outstanding, which was the reason I had decided it was the dinner stop for HikeFest 2016. I squeezed into the small dining area. I’m not a large man, despite my love of food, but things are tight inside, so suck in your gut as you move around. I went a tad early, which probably also helped.

The waiter was super friendly and helpful, THE combination of attributes to have as a waiter. He brought over my Petoskey Brewing Horny Monk, which wasn’t an easy choice – Burgies has several craft beers on tap. As the knight said to Indiana Jones, choose wisely. I did.

2016 is the “Year of the Olive Burger”. Though a beef olive burger wasn’t on the menu (it was a turkey burger), they switched out the meat and I had a sizable burger topped with beautiful olives sitting before me in a short period of time.

Olive burger

Olive burger

What a great looking burger. It didn’t look nearly that nice after I was halfway through it – it was a scary sight, a true burger disaster. We’ll leave it at that. No pictures were taken of this even. You’re welcome.

The Burgies burger tasted even better than it looked. It was perfectly cooked (medium-ish) and not a hint of toughness. It has a good ratio of olives to mayonnaise, an important ratio for an olive burger. The large slice of Swiss complimented the burger nicely. And who knew arugula wouldn’t be disgusting on a hamburger? It added some crispness and a hint of bitterness that made the burger more interesting.

Can’t leave out the onion rings. The breading was not at all doughy, and was cooked just right. The onions were perfect onion ring material, firm but very easy to bite through – no gnawing required. You know those onion rings where, after biting them, you’re left with a big string of onion in your mouth and hollow tube of breading in your hand? Not so with the Burgies onion rings. Easily among the best onion rings I have had.

Everything about my experience at Burgies was excellent. I’ve seen many 5-star reviews, and they are certainly warranted. If you are anywhere near the pinky area of Michigan, it is worth a visit. In fact, you should visit. If you are a burger-lover, I would question your sanity if you didn’t.