O Sushi, Tucson

You don’t turn 10 every day, though my daughter had several birthday dinners, the first being while visiting Tucson a few days before her actual birthday. Being a fan of sushi, my wife checked the reviews and found that O Sushi looked good. And also, depending on how to say the name, you can sound either surprised or bored when telling people where you are going. Oh! Sushi. Or, oh, sushi (in an Eeyore voice).

The exterior probably won’t wow you. it’s located in a strip mall. Beige and brown, of course, because almost everything in Tucson is one of those colors. The interior probably will not wow you, either, unless you’re an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. The owner must really love baseball. The walls were covered with pictures of players, baseball cards, and TVs with the games on. He must also be a fan of dance clubs because of the turntable and other sound equipment. So if you’re a baseball-loving, techno-dancing sushi eater, this is THE place for you.

O Sushi

O Sushi

They had really good drink prices, which I like to see… well, anywhere. And the sushi prices were good, too. And as we sat down, we were given edamame and soup. Included. Not extra. Didn’t expect that. Though I’m not a big fan of soy beans, I ate them. It was the polite thing to do, and if you dip something in soy sauce, it’s almost guaranteed to make it better. If it doesn’t, try adding more.

As for the sushi, it was a nice, solid meal. We had six rolls – two Dragons, two Crunchy Dragons, one Eye, and one Yum Yum, the roll so nice they named it twice. All of it was tasty, and tasted about as fresh as you could get in a desert. The first few rolls were presented in this huge boat tray, and you could choose from low sodium soy sauce, and full sodium soy sauce. I also appreciated that the sushi was bite sized. You didn’t have to shove an enough piece in your mouth and risk choking, or taking a bit out of bigger piece and risk an enormous mess and public shame.

Actual sushi at O Sushi

Actual sushi at O Sushi

The thing I wasn’t impressed with was the service. Initially, things went fine. But we eventually had to send up a flare to get the waitresses attention. She didn’t so much look at our table until I went to go fetch her. And when she took my wife’s wine glass when there was still wine left in the glass, that almost caused an incident. Thankfully, the pours were very generous, so the one swallow remaining in the original glass didn’t seem like that much after all.


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