Canton, Lansing

On the west side of town, at the intersection of Creyts and St. Joe (the intersection that floods when we get lots of rain) is a plethora of fast foodish restaurants – McDonald’s, Subway, Sir Pizza, and the focus of this diatribe, Canton. It was just a fairly quick walk from my place of employment, and I had good meals in years past. I was hopeful for another blessed breaded meat experience.

I had some kind of pork in red sauce. I was warned it was spicy, and technically I suppose it was, but not enough to matter. They were big chunks of pork that required me to gnaw at them, since I was lacking a knife. The sauce had a touch of sweetness, and after I added the salty soy sauce, I had an extravaganza of base flavors. Alone or combined, none of them was terribly good.

The main mistake I made was choosing the pork. Pork is fine, but I prefer THE white meat, chicken. The OTHER white meat will do in a pinch. Usually. But it was my only choice as far as the buffet went – every other container was empty. Which points to mistake #2 – I went too late. 12:30 is not the time to visit Canton. If you’re hoping for a full range of items to choose from, go early. I failed to realize this, and I paid dearly. Do not make this mistake, grasshopper – go early, get chicken.


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