Nachos from Christmas town – Frankenmuth, MI

In Michigan we have a place known for beer, Christmas, and fried chicken. That magical place is called Frankenmuth, and if you happen to go in December like I did, you will encounter a town that takes it’s Christmas decorations seriously. It almost made me feel bad that I hadn’t gotten my lights up, but not quite. But I didn’t go for the lights, or the decorations, but I did go for beer and chicken.

At the north end of the main drag, just past the hotels, cheese shops, and ninjas dressed in lederhosen is the Frankenmuth Brewery. While my mission to Frankenmuth was top secret, I am willing to share my dinner experience, which involved chicken nachos. You’re welcome.



The nachos were enormous, because they weren’t “chicken nachos”, they were “super chicken nachos.” So enormous, in fact, they were brought on a palanquin, so as you can imagine, there were enough to share. However, as there was no one nearby that I wanted to share my nachos with me, I made a go of it, but didn’t even come close. And I still ate more than I should have. As I write this the next morning, I haven’t fully recovered. Sorry boss, this morning’s work may suffer – I blame the nachos.

They were also possibly the cheesiest nachos I’ve ever encountered. And not that queso¬† pseudo cheese, real, honest to goodness, all-American cheese. Also generously applied was¬† tender (un-fried) chicken, pulled apart with loving care by immigrant workers specializing in the almost forgotten skill of tearus chickenus apartus. It made all the difference.

The chicken – cheese explosion was topped with lettuce, jalapenos, and tomatoes, and the occasional onion showed up, too. Over it all was drizzled the Frankenmuth Brewery special sauce, a recipe of 23 spices designed to force upon you an addiction to beer and Mexican food. I wasn’t worried because I was already dependent on both, so I just enjoyed the experience. Don’t quote me, though. Or listen to anything I say, actually, because it was actually sour cream.

The hefeweizen was light and sweet, like my personality. Was it the best choice with my nachos? No idea – it was the only beer I tried. But I thought it went well. The brewery menu recommended “Batch 69 IPA”, so perhaps that was the ideal pairing.

So if you like Christmas, beer, and / or nachos, well, there is no better place than Frankenmuth. So grab those leather pants and head on over.